Gear List

Basic studio hardware-layout is a Neve 5088 with 16 channels of Neve 5051 Compressor/Inductor EQ modules fed by a rack of Universal Audio LA610’s, 6176’s, Daking 4 Pre (Trident A Range), an API3124, a Focusrite 828 (8 x ISA 110's)  and two Vintech 473 pre’s for tracking via two Protools HD interfaces into a Quad Core Apple Mac Mini Server (two Terabytes online storage) with 16 Gig Ram and two UAD QUAD Cards. Master inserts include API2500 buss compressor, Manley Variable MU Compressor, Universal Audio 2-1176 (Two 1176 compresors in one box, stereo-linkable for buss work.) Manley Enhanced Stereo Pultec eq, SPL Vitalizers and many reverbs including the TC Electronic Reverb 4000 running System 6000 algorithms.

Scroll down for a full list of gear:

i) Midi sequencers, computers and computer sequencers/audio:

ProTools 12 Ultimate, Cubase 9, Motu DP9, Reason 10 and Presonus Studio One 3 Pro.

ii) Software synths, plugins and samplers:

Reason 10 by Propellerheads with M-Audio Refills.

MOTU Machfive One, Two and Three Sampler.

MOTU Symphonic Instrument.

IK SampleTank 4.

IK Sonik Synth.

IK T-RACKS Mastering.

IK CSR Studio Reverb Bundle.

IK Miroslav Orchestral.

IK Sampletron Mellotron.

Xpansion BFD1, BFD2, BFD3 Drums.

Toontracks Superior Drummer.

Native Instruments - Komplete 11 with extras - Battery, FM8, Intakt, Kontakt, Kompakt, B4, B4ii, Vokator, Pro53, Reaktor, Massive, Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano.

Waves: Non-Linear Summing, L1 Maximizer, L2 Ultramaximizer, L3 Maximizer, SSL Bundle, API Bundle, Gold Bundle, Renaissance Max, LoAir, IR1, Waves Tune, Tony Maserati Collection, Kramer Master Tape, Abbey Road REDD Console Emulation, Abbey Road Plate Reverbs, EMI TG12345, Reel ADT, Scheps 73, Scheps Omni Channel, Center, Vocal Rider, One Knob Pumper, RS56 Passive EQ, Manny Marroquin Reverb, Linear Phase Multiband Compressor, PuigChild Compressor, H-Verb Hybrid Reverb, H-EQ Hybrid Equalizer, GEQ-Graphic EQ, F6 Floating Band Dynamic EQ, eMo D5 Dynamics, Electric 200 Piano, Electric 88 Piano, Electric Grand 80 Piano, Grand Rhapsody Piano, Aphex Aural Exciter, VLM Plus Loudness Meter.

Sonnox Oxford Reverb.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator.

Eventide Ultraverb.

Lexicon PCM Reverb Collection.

TC Electronic Power-core Bundle with DVR2 and additional Plugins.

TC Electronic VSS3 Native.

TC Electronic DVR250.

TC Electronic 8210 Classic Reverb.

SPL Vitalizer Plugin.

Slate Trigger Platinum.

Slate SG-X Mastering Tool.

SoundToys Microshift. (Eventide Harmonizer Plugin)

2 x Universal Audio Omni Quad UAD Cards including:

Cambridge EQ

Cooper Time Cube

CS-1 Channel Strip

dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter


Emperical Labs EL7 FATSO

EMT 140 Plate Reverb

EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator

EP-34 Classic Tape Echo

Fairchild 670 Compressor Collection

Harrison 32C EQ

Helios Type 69 Equalizer

LA-2A Collection

1176LN Collection

LA-3A Compressor

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Little Labs IBP

Manely Massive Passive EQ

Moog Multimode Filter

Neve 1073 Equalizer

Neve 1081 Equalizer

Neve 31102 Console EQ

Neve 33609 Compressor

Neve 88RS Channel Strip

Precision Buss Compressor

Precsision De-Esser

Precission Enhancer Hz

Precission Enhancer kHz

Precission Mastering Equalizer

Precission Limiter

Precission Maximizer

Precission Multiband Compressor

Pultec Eq

Pultec Pro Eq

RealVerb Pro

Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

Roland Dimesion D Chorus

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

SPL Transient Designer

SSL E Channel Strip

SSL G Buss Compressor

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Trident A Range Console Eq

iii) Midi Sound Modules:

Emu Ultra Proteus.

Emu Vintage Keys.

Emu Procussion.

Emu Proteus/1.

Emu Proteus/1 + Orchestral.

Alesis D4 Drums.

Alesis DM5 Drums.

Alesis S4 Plus (x2).

Roland R8M Drums.

Roland JV880 with expansion card.

iv) External Effects:

TC Electronic Reverb 4000.

Roland SRV-330 Dimensional Space Reverb (x2).

Ibanez SDR 1000+ (Sony MU-R210) (x2).

Roland RSP 550 Digital Multi-effects Unit.

Lexicon Reflex Digital Reverb (x2).

Yamaha R100 Digital Reverb.

Boss SX700 Digital Studio Effects Module.

Alesis Quadreverb GT (Quadreverb Digital Reverb with guitar preamp.)  x2

v) Audio and Midi Interfaces:

Protools HD I/O 16 In - 16 Out Analog (x 2).

MOTU 8Pre (x2)

MOTU MTP AV 8 port USB midi interface with SMPTE lock.

Digidesign 882 Studio interface.

Behringer ADA8000 - Eight Channel Audio to ADAT interface in/out.


vi) Mixing consoles:

Neve 5088 with 16 Shelford 5051 Compressor and Inductive EQ modules installed. 

Allen & Heath GS3V 32 x 8 x 32 x 2 Automated Console.

Yamaha O1V 96k with MY16AT ADAT expander card - 40 input.

Behringer Eurorack, MX2642 16 Channel 19" console.

TASCAM UH -7000.

Boss BX-4 (Four channel Stereo Mixer) x2

Boss KM-4 Instrument Mixer - four channel mono.

vii) Guitar Amplifiers and instrument pre-amps:

Vox AC30 Top Boost.

Vox AC15C2 Top Boost.


Vox Super Beetle.

Fender Twin '65 Reissue.

Peavey Renown.

Peavey Express 112.

Peavey TKO 75 Bass Amp.

Roland JC120.

Marshall VS265.

Roland GP100 Guitar FX.

Roland ME10 Guitar FX.

Roland GP16 Guitar FX.

Line 6 Bass POD.

Line 6 PODxt Guitar Pre-amp and effects.

viii) Microphones:

AKG 414 EB. (x2)

Neumann U67. (x2)

AKG 414 XL ii Stereo Pair.

Sennheiser 421. (x5)

Sennheiser e906. (x3)

Telefunken M80 short.

Shure Beta 52A.

AGK D112. (x2)

Rode NT2. (x7)

AKG C1000. (x2)

AKG C418. (x4)

Tascam LD-74.

Shure SM57. (x4)

Shure Beta 58. (x3)

Shure SM 87.

Roland DR45. (x3)

Ibanez Gold Voice.


Tascam LD74 Condenser Mic.

ix) Keyboards:

Roland JV80.

Alesis Q88 Controller. 

x) Guitars and Bass Guitars:

Epiphone Casino Sunburst - Inspired by John Lennon,

Epiphone John Lennon Acoustic EJ-160E,

Epiphone Les Paul - Black Beauty (Three Humbuckers),

Epiphone Les Paul - Plustop Pro - Blueberry.

Epiphone Les Paul ES - Hollow-Body - Grey.

Epiphone Peter Frampton (Les Paul) Limited Edition,

Epiphone 339 Natural (Small-body ES335 with coil taps),

Epiphone Florentine (Semi Acoustic Les Paul),

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bulls Eye Les Paul with active pickups,

Fender Duo Sonic S/H Black,

Fender Jaguar Sunburst,

Fender Stratocaster L Series 1963 Black,

Fender Stratocaster 1962 Reissue Black,

Fender Stratocaster 1962 Reissue Shell Pink #1,

Fender Stratocaster 1962 Reissue Shell Pink #2,

Fender Stratocaster MIJ SSS Floyd Rose White,

Fender Stratocaster MIJ SSS Floyd Rose Candy Apple Red,

Fender Stratocaster MIJ SSS Floyd Rose Gunmetal Black,

Fender Stratocaster HH Blacktop,

Fender Stratocaster HSH Blacktop,

Fender Stratocaster HH Floyd Rose Blacktop,

Fender Stratocaster Paisley 1960's,

Fender Stratocaster 70's Re-issue Natural Wood,

Fender Stratocaster Richie Sambora Signature HSS Floyd Rose,

Fender Stratocaster SSS with Schaller Locking Tremolo,

Fender Telecaster Black MIJ,

Fender Telecaster Black MIJ DeLuxe - with white binding,

Fender Telecaster Paisley Pink MIJ,

Fender Precision Bass white,

Fender Precision Bass 3 colour sunburst,

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Sunburst 1971,

Gibson Les Paul Standard Wine Red 1995,

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro Black (Humbuckers and Coil Taps)

Gibson SG-3 (SG with three pickups and six-way switch),

Gretsch Country Gentleman,

Hohner Steinberger G3T,

Hofner Semi-acoustic Electric,

Hofner Beatle Bass,

Ibanez AFJ85

Ibanez AS200,

Ibanez Roadstar 550,

Ibanez S Series S540L,

Ibanez Telecatser,

Kramer Super Strat - Black HSS Floyd Rose,

Rickenbacker Series 4001 Bass,

Rickenbacker series 4003 Bass,

Rickenbacker 325 - Rose Morris made 1964,

Rickenbacker v63 12 string WB,

Rickenbacker 370 WB,

Rickenbacker 350 v1963,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350,

Rickenbacker 350 Susanna Hoffs Limited Edition

Rickenbacker 330,

Rickenbacker 650C Colorado,

Steinberger Spirit Deluxe,

Steinberger GU-Standard,

Schecter C-1 E/A Semi-Hollow Electric,

Schecter C/SH-1 Semi-Hollow Electric,

Takamine 12 String Acoustic,

xi) Outboard Dynamics and extras:

API2500 Buss Compressor.

Manley Variable MU Compressor.

Universal Audio 2-1176 (Stereo 1176) Compressor.

Manely Enhanced Stereo Pultec Equalizer.

Aphex Aural Exciter Type c.

Aphex Aural Exciter (mono) Type E.

SPL Stereo Vitalizer (x2)

Boss GE-131 Graphic Equalizers (x2)

DBX 1066 Stereo Compressor.

Alesis T3630 stereo compressor.

Behringer Tube Ultrafex. (Clone of SPL Tube Vitalizer.) 

Behringer Composer - Stereo Compressor.

Boss CL50 Compressor.

Boss RE10 ten band graphic equalizer.

Boss RCL10 Compressor. (x3)

Ibanez GE1500 Graphic Equalizer.

Behringer SNR2000 Denoiser.

NADY PB48 patchbay.

Behringer CX2300 Super X Crossover.

Rane HC6 - six channel headphone amp. (x2)

XLR 16 Way Patchbay. (X2)

Switchcraft  StudioPatch 9625. (x4)

xii) Guitar Stomp and DI Boxes:

Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 35th Anniversary Reissue. 

Boss D3 Digital Dimension.

Boss RV-3 Reverb.

Boss MT-2 Heavy Metal. (x2)

Boss ML-2 Metal Core.

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay.

Boss CS-2 Compressor.

Boss CE-5 Chorus.

Boss SD-1 Super Over Drive.

Boss LM-2 Limiter.

Boss ST-2 Stack.

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor.

Boss TU12 Guitar Tuner (x2)

Line 6 Echo Park Analogue Delay.

Hosa Sidekick Passive D.I. Box (x2)

MXR Microamp.

Wampler Tumnus. Klon-clone. (x2)

Pro Co DB4 4 channel line isolator. (X2)

xiii) Power Amps:

H&H M900 MOSFET (x2)

Crown XLi 1500 (x3)

Peavey CS400

NAD 3020B (x2)

Alesis RA500 (x2),

xiv) Studio Monitors and headphones:

Yamaha NS10 pair.

KRK VXT 6 pair with K10S Sub.

Auratone 5c Super Sound Cubes 4,5".

Alesis Monitor One Mkii pair.

Mustang TV Simulator pair.

Tannoy Squak pair.

Behriinger PowerPlay P16  I  - Input Module.

Behriinger PowerPlay P16  D  - Distribution Module.

Behriinger PowerPlay P16  M  - Personal Mixer(x5).

Focal Spirit Monitoring Headphones. 

Fostex T20RP Headphones - 4 sets.

Fostex T40RP Headphones.

Fostex T40 Headphones.

Audio Technical Headphones.

Misc headphones 4 sets.

NOTE: Tracking room and iso booth monitor mixes are fed to headphones via Behringer Powerplay 16 and Personal Mixer P16-M for personalized program monitoring.

xv) Stereo Recorders and Mastering Gear:

Fostex E22 Stereo 1/4'' reel-to-reel with center track time code.

Tascam DA30Mkii DAT machine.

Alesis Masterlink. (Offers 96K 24bit mastering off Neve Console..)

Technics RSD250 Cassette Deck.

Denon DTR 2000 DAT machine.

TC Electronics Finalizer 96K.

xvi) Digital Multitracks:

Alesis HD24 with XR Upgrade.

Alesis Big Remote.

xvii) Mic pre-amps:

2 x Vintech 473. (Four-channel Neve-style 1073 pres with high and low shelving)

API 3124 Quad Microphone Preamp.

Daking 4-Pre Quad Microphone Preamp - Trident A Range pre’s.

Universal Audio 6176.

Universal Audio LA610 mkii.

Universal Audio LA610 mkii.

Focusrite 828. (Eight channels of ISO 110.)

2 x Rane VP12.

Focusrite Platinum Voice-Master Pro.

xviii) Telephone ISDN and passive boxes:

CSS Prima LT Codec machine by MUSICAM USA.

SA Tech Telelink box.

xix) PA Speakers:

H&H Electronic Pro 150 Cabs with Bullet radiators (x2)

Celestion 100 Watt - Horn-mounted Compression Drivers (x2)

Celestion Dual 12" 200 Watt mid cabs (x2)

H&H Electronic 15" Bass Unit Bins 200 Watts (x2)

Electro Voice 18" Bass Unit Bins 400 Watts (x2)

Eminence Kappa Pro 15A ported cabs (x2)

xx) Power Regulators and Filters:

Furman PL-Pro DMC 20 Amp.

Furman M-8Lx.

Furman M-8x. (x2)

xxi) Mic Stands, Music Stands, Chairs:

Microphone stands Various (30)

Guitar stands.

Music Stands.

24 Padded/Stackable Chairs.

xxii) Printers & Miscellaneous:

HP 2175 Colour Printer & Scanner.

Tritech Digital Stopwatch.

Boss DB30 - Digital Metronome.

xxiii) Various Studio Cables and Connectors:

xxiv) Sound Effects and Music Libraries:

Hollywood Edge Premier Collection.

KMP Sound Effects.

Digifex Series.

KPM Music Library

Killer Tracks.